Love Shayari in English


Love Shayari in English | Romantic Status

No relationship is all sunshine ,

but two people can share

one umbrella and survive the storms together.


it’s difficult to take a gander at different appearances

at the point when I just need to see yours.


You know i need you

like your oxygen

be my atmosphere

let me breath you in

so i can try to tell you i love you


Imagine meeting someone who

wanted to learn your past not to

punish you, but to understand how

you needed to be loved.


I swear out of this

whole world no one

could love you like i do 


It may feel like the end …

however darling,

this is just the begining.


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• i love you 

and i don’t want to lose you

because my life has been

better since

the day i found you.


i will always care for you

even if we’re not together,

even if we’re far away

from each other


love always cures people ,

both the ones who give it end,

the ones who receive it.


If a hug represented

how much i love you,

i would hold you

in my arm forever.


I can proudly say

to everyone that

you are mine.


I feel very very lucky

and very very happy to be

in relationship with you.


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