Love Shayari in English



Love Shayari in English | Romantic Status

A million feelings, a thousand thoughts,

a hundred memories, all for one person.

It’s called love.


Know that we have not met before,

and that we will meet again.

I will find my way to you

in next life and every life after that.


•   Before I met you,

I’d abandoned everything,

Be that as it may, you made me attempt once more,

What’s more, I love you for that.



The first time I saw you,

My heart wishpered

That’s the one.


Simply envelop me with your arms and hold me close,

let me lean my head against your chest,

leave your pulse alone my bedtime song.


Kiss me, my beloved,

peel my heart down to the core,

Your lips are as sweet as cherry wine,

pour me some more…


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